Project works and assignments

Here you'll find the briefings for the teamworks.

Due to the current pandemic situation, you have to work together ONLY online.

Think of it as a simulation of smartwotking or remote working in the "real life". You'll need to learn also these skills.

Second Project Work


  • Use a Facebook page (yours);
  • Identify possible goals (1 campaign per objective);
  • Structure the campaign (at least 2 ad set or more);
  • For each ad set define a target group (using Facebook capabilities as much as possible);
  • For each ad set prepare at least 1 ad (choosing among the different formats);
  • Take screenshots of every step;
  • Prepare a presentation with ALL the process and the ads previews;
  • Dead-Line November, 28;

Here you can download the briefing

First Project Work


  • know heach other by excanging emails and organize the online meetings (on the video platform you prefer);
  • Give yourselves a name as a Branding Angency;
  • Organize your team work: who does what and define the dead-lines, try to delegate something to each member.
  • Start by analising Angie’s online properties (websites, social media);
  • Look at her current brand architecture, choose and motivate the brand architecture strategy you propose instead;
  • Taking into consideration the brand owner perspective (Mission and Values of Angie’s business), find at least 2 competitors of the wine shop (that sell wine to USA) to analyse (POPs & PODs);
  • Create a Brand Value Proposition for Angie’s wine shop;
  • Define a new brand name (with an available domain name);
  • Prepare a document (PPT, Keynote) to present your work;
  • Write down who did what;
  • fill the peer evaluation form.
  • The dead-line (for sending me the presentation by email) is Sunday November, 11;


Here you can download the briefing