Course description

Effective brand management is the key to developing products and communication strategies that lead to marketing success. Strong brands earn loyalty, add value and convey change.
This course is designed to give a fundamental understanding of what is a brand and how to create, measure and manage successful brand strategies and integrated communication plans, with focus on online paid media.

It explains how to define and position a brand and communicate the brand effectively internally, to employees, and externally, via owned, earned and paid media.

During the course the following topics will be discussed:

Together with a range of branding and media planning theories, the course will focus on real-world cases and experiences, to give students a practical vision of what it means to manage a brand, plan and buy an advertising campaign and what are the critical aspects to consider.

Student are expected to participate in class with project works on real cases, alone and in teams, and to present their work to the classroom. Formative assessment and knowledge checks will be carried out during the course.

Learning objectives

Upon completing this course, students will be capable of: